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Reliable car part supplier

Get an extensive range of car parts including vehicle accessories from Automotive Components, the trusted car part supplier in Newport


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Salters Lane, Newport, Shropshire

Wide range of car parts

•  Automotive parts for trade customers

•  Authentic car parts for individual car owners

•  All popular brands stocked

•  Bespoke vehicle accessories including caravan accessories

•  OEM and aftermarket car parts available

Experienced suppliers

With over 60 years of experience in providing top-quality auto components, Automotive Components has been a reliable supplier for car parts in Newport for over 34 years. We have supplied excellent automotive spares to individual car owners and garages over the years. Trust us to provide great products every time.

Why choose us?

•  Wide range of automotive components

•  Regular stock

•  OEM and aftermarket car parts from reliable manufacturers

•  Competitive pricing

•  Experienced team for vehicle maintenance advice and part recommendation

Visit our store today

With over 34 years of experience in providing first class automotive components for individual owners and mechanics. From car part replacements to vehicle accessories, you can get all you need to keep your car in top condition from Automotive Components. Contact us today with your car part requirements.

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